Study Rewards

As a NCTS student, you are rewarded in three ways for diligent study:

1. Badge

Enrolling in courses will give you the opportunity to earn NCTS digital badges. Badges are not accredited by NCTS but they're a great way to demonstrate your interest in the subject and commitment to your learning. 

Once you're registered as a student, you can manage your digital badges online from My Dashboard. In addition you can download and print your NCTS Certificate of Completion -  which also displays your NCTS badge.

Your results will determine the badge you receive. These are awarded as follows:


50% to 59%:  Pass  60% to 69%:  Bronze Badge 70% to 79%:  Silver Badge
80% to 89%:  Gold Badge
90% plus

Certificate of Completion - Pass Grade 50% to 59%

2. Certificate of Achievement

Programmes award certificates due to their multi-disciplinary nature and mild complexity. A Certificate of Achievement is awarded if a pass grade is achieved.

3. Qualification

The Bachelor of Theology Degree will be conferred when all requirements for this qualification have been met. Note: This qualification is not yet available, however, the modules that make up this degree are available to study as modules. They will not count toward credits other than the badges and certificates outlined above.